Velocity Company


One of the leading UK specialists in Supreme Technology. Our main professionalism and expertise is in swegway device boards. All our products are branded with our Velocity company logo to ensure and warrant that all our products are fully checked tested, and trustworthy.

Velocity as a company are working to not only deliver a device board, but to build brand loyalty. We provide a sustainable product with an excellent reputation to all of our customers.

Discover our wide range of Swegway device-boards with cutting-edge technology now.

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Our Chain Process to buyers:

  • Re-checked and Re-tested

    The velocityofficial device board is re-checked and re-tested in the United Kingdom

  • Best Quality

    Ensuring the best quality device board is delivered from our manufacturer

  • Sent to you

    The device board is sent to our customer

  • Your feedback

    Feedback is requested